Oculus Game Jam will be held in Japan

If you ever wondered whether Oculus Rift is popular in Japan, here’s the answer.

Oculus Rift may not as popular as PS3, but still some ambitious people tries to give a boost to Oculus Rift in Japan.

That is why Oculus Game Jam will be held tomorrow November 8 through 9.

Unfortunately I can’t attend OCG as I can’t write program nor have a big media to advertise, but I have a blog (and able to write in English).

so I decided to write a post about OCG pretending as if I am part of them to show how I am excited about Oculus Rift, and the future that Oculus Rift would bring.

Here’s the detail of Oculus Game Japan(Japanese)

In OCG, Game creators in Japan will unite at Shibuya to make a brand new game related to Oculus Rift in two days.

After the creation were completed, they will play the games they just created.


You can’t attend unless you join as game creator or media, but the game will be uploaded here to everyone.


The games they are thinking to create is listed here

You can find more than 35 of unique games that uses Oculus Rift.

They will choose what to create in two days from the list while OCG is held .

For those who can’t read English, I translated some of their unique ideas.



A motor cycle game which uses Razer Hydra as handle.

Twist Hydra to boost, tilt to curve.

Required Hardware:Razer Hydra

Original proposer:warapuri


Remote-controlled huge robot(リモートコントロール巨大ロボ)

Control huge robot from it’s feet by looking up it.(like gigantic drive↓)


Required Hardware:Razer Hydra or Kinect

Original proposer:tsubaki_t


Remote Cat Toy(リモート猫じゃらし)

Use Leap Motion in your office to swing cat’s toy, which is attached on Novint Falcon in your house.

That way you can pretend to work when you are actually playing your cat!

Required Hardware:Novint Falcon, Leap Motion, Camera

Original proposer:waffle_maker



Fly on wii fit board!

Required Hardware:Wii fit board

Original proposer:warapuri


Jumpipng Flash(ジャンピングフラッシュ)

Jump and fly around!

Required Hardware:WiiFit board or Kinect or Razer Hydra

Original proposer:warapuri


Mikulus Kinect Online

Use two set of Oculus Rifts and Kinects, and meet up in VR dressed as Anime avatar.

You can flirt with the other girl in the VR( knowing she is actually a dude.)

Required Hardware:Photon Cloud, Two Oculus Rifts, Two Kinects or Two Carmines

Original proposer:Needle


Kick Zombie’s ass with army truck game(軍用車でゾンビ蹴散らしゲーム)

Ride on army truck to escape from Zombie town.

This game is for two. One drives the truck, and the other uses mounted machine gun.  Gunner may be suffered from motion sickness.

Required Hardware:Photon Cloud, Xbox 360 wireless peed wheel, Game pad or Razer Hydra

Original proposer:waffle_maker



Novint Falcon will represent as your favorite character’s hand or mouth to… do anything you wish.

Required Hardware:Novint Falcon

Original proposer:Unity仮面



I love those ideas. I wish I could be there, it will be fantastic.

Not everything on the list will be created, but it’s ok because everything seems awesome.

Remember, you will have access to those interesting games here after they completed.

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