Downloading Dota 2 may be blocked from Japan.

Since the release, you have to join launch queue to play Dota 2 if you are new user.

However, according to this post, Japan may be blocked to join the queue and play Dota 2.

To confirm if the post were true, I did a simple experiment.

If you’d like to read this post in Japanese (my first language), click here.


First, I created new account from Japanese IP address, and accessed Dota 2’s store page.

From store page,  you can join the queue by clicking “Get Dota 2” button.

Screenshot at Nov 06 18-45-59

“You are currently 12817 in the Launch Queue”

That’s quite a long line.

I don’t think holding 12817 people will save Dota 2 server from being slow or laggy…


Now we confirmed that you have to line the queue to play Dota 2 from Japanese IP address.

Let’s see what will happen from U.S. IP address.

I created another account, and accessed Dota 2 store using U.S. IP address via VPN.

I clicked “Get Dota 2 ” button as I did in the last account.

Here’s what I got.

Screenshot at Nov 06 19-04-54


No launch queue at all?


Well, it is confirmed that you can’t play Dota 2 immediately, but it could be because it is new account.

However, according to Japanese Dota 2 wiki, you can’t play Dota 2 no matter where in line you are, even though you are placed under 100.

Screenshot at Nov 06 19-13-10



I am not very sure the reason why Dota 2 is blocked to play, but I suppose this could be because of Nexon, which have right to distribute Dota 2 in Korea and Japan.

Some nice games; such as Dark Souls or SEGA’s games, are restricted to purchase because of stingy companies in Japan.(Because digital games on STEAM are super cheap, some stingy companies like SEGA, Bandai Namco or Square Enix restricts to purchase on STEAM to force Japanese to purchase at ‘their ideal price’)

Therefore, I can easily imagine Nexon Japan is asking steam to prevent Dota 2 to be downloaded.

I don’t have any evidence though.


The only thing I can do right now is to ask Valve what is actually going on, and spread this problem by writing this post in English.

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